Office hours is a new program I'm trying out, where I'm helping out people or teams FOR FREE with their analytics, growth, data or modeling problems.

What can I help you with?

Running Experiments:
Everything from setting up experiments, to power analysis and ways to increase power, analysis concerns and validity, etc.

Finding Actionable Insights:
Stumped on how to find the next steps for your product? Let's find the bottleneck in your funnel, the correct segmentation and identify growth levers you can 10x

Thinking Through Statistics and Modeling:
Let's chat about how to model your data correctly and how to extract the right insights from it. Techniques to discover or limit the effect of confounders or other sources of noise.

Choosing KPIs and Goals:
Let's see how your KPIs fit into the grand picture of the organization and how to set goals on these.

"My career is split into before you advised me and after. These are things I'll take with me for years ahead." - Alon, lead PM, $1B+-valued startup


My greatest joy comes from helping other people through practical problems with data. That's why I launched "Office Hours" - a free, no-strings-attached live consultation with me about anything around growth and data analysis.

(Yeah, that's really why I do this. I'm also, though, learning a lot from observing what problems people run into, and applying these to my own business.)

Sign up below and I'll send you a scheduling link to choose a time slot for our Zoom call (9a-430p British or 1230-230p Pacific/330p-530p Eastern) and some instructions on how to best use our time together.

  • There are no strings attached and no money involved at all.
  • Everything we talk about will remain strictly confidential.
  • I will only use your e-mail to discuss our office hours.

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