New! - Limited time - Free Office Hours with me

My greatest joy comes from helping other people through practical problems with data.

Office hours is a new program I'm trying out, where I'm helping out people or teams FOR FREE with their analytics, growth, data or modeling problems.

You should sign up if you:

  • Want to start an experimentation regime and want to consult on where to focus (how to identify growth levers)...
  • ... Or how to avoid the many pitfalls with experimentation that may lead you to incorrect conclusions or underpowered experiments
  • Or if you want to talk about forecasting, surveying methodology, modelling data you have for observational causal inference or extracting insights
  • Or anything else around product, growth, data, statistics and ML that you want.

The worst that could happen is I'll tell you I can't really help. But I'd be likely able to at least point you to someone or to a technique or resource that could. Often times, that's the hardest part in data: Just knowing how to formulate what the problem is.

  • There are no strings attached and no money involved at all.
  • Everything we talk about will remain strictly confidential.

How do I know I can help?

  • I've advised heads of product and data for several $1B+-valued startups in Fintech, martech and B2B SaaS, and at least ten other startups
  • I ran a research team for Facebook, part of Core Data Science - PhD and post-doc level researchers developing statistical methodology to answer Facebook-scale questions about surveying methodology, network science, economics, growth, and other topics.
  • I also PMed a team at Facebook
  • And before graduating with an M.Sc in Math at NYU, I was an engineer on a couple of startups building (early) NLP models.

There are a ton of incredibly smarter and more capable people than I on these topics. But, most of them don't give out their time for free. And I'm also fortunate to be connected to some of them.

So why am I doing this? 

Because I can, and I think I'll enjoy it for a while. I'm not guaranteeing I'll be available forever, but right now I'd love to try and build this, get to know other people in the industry and their problems and help out.

(Yeah, that's really what I get out of it. I am also, though, learning a lot from observing what problems people run into, and applying these to my own business.)

So what do you need to do to sign up?

Easy - just shoot me an email with your name and optionally a brief description of the problem so I can get better prepared (are we analysing website visitor data in your Google Analytics account? Are we looking at experimental results in ? etc.) and I'll send you a scheduling link to find a slot that's convenient to you for a 30-minute chat.

Can't wait to speak with you and help out!

Nimrod Priell

Advisor to CXOs at $1B+-valued startups in martech, fintech and cyber, and other startups ranging from B2C to SaaS. Ex-Facebook PM. Interested in growth, data and product management.

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